Insta Stories are short photos or 15-sec video episodes from everyday life that we all enjoy sharing on social networks. The whole beauty of them is that they live only 24 hours and your friends must constantly follow the updates so as not to miss anything. This tool is also used by brands, bloggers, and influencers.

For corporate accounts, this is a great opportunity not to flood your page with unnecessary publications, but to constantly publish the most relevant offers. In this article, we will talk about the possibilities that you may not have known about yet.

Insta stalker stories – browsing Instagram without creating your own account

Tool for maintaining your anonymity on social media

As you know, Instagram captures views of stories. The content author can see the number of people who opened his 24-hour publication. Also, if you wish, you can always open the list and see the nicknames of all viewers. Thus, there can be no talk of any confidentiality.

However, you can see Insta stalker stories with one useful invention. This online service was developed by Toolzu and works in a web browser, which provides maximum convenience for a wide range of users, regardless of the operating system, type of mobile device, or available memory.

To become one of the Instagram stalkers free you should go to the Toolzu website and type in the name of the profile you are interested in. Important disclaimer: You can only view public profile stories. If a user has a private page, you will not be able to view his materials without first adding him as a friend.

But if you are interested in some kind of open account, you can easily view the materials directly in the browser without having to go to the application. This way you can keep your privacy and get access to Stories absolutely free.

Insta stalker stories – browsing Instagram without creating your own account

When you should watch stories anonymously

In most cases, you can watch someone’s content from your account. But in some cases, you should remain anonymous. For example, in cases like this:

– If you have a business account and want to check the work of some blogger or influencer. For example, you ordered an advertisement and want to see how your contractor fulfils the agreements. Just watch him for a while to make sure he’s conscientious.

– If you are an employer (current or potential) and want to make sure your employees follow the rules. For example, if filming at work is prohibited, you can check what your subordinates are posting on social networks.

– If you are an HR manager and have decided to check the reputation of a candidate, then anonymous viewing of his Instagram stories will give you the opportunity to learn about his priorities and attitude to many things.

– If you don’t have an Instagram account or don’t have the app installed on your smartphone, you can still access someone’s story. It is enough to open a browser. It also gives you the ability to use the social network from your computer, which can be much more convenient for many than browsing on the small screen of a smartphone.

– After all, if you’re a worried parent and your teen won’t let you get within shooting range, it’s sometimes helpful to know what content they’re sharing on social media. In order not to complicate your life by creating fake accounts, you can simply look at the history of your son or daughter anonymously.

Legal aspects of anonymous story viewing

Many are interested in the question of how legal it is to use such tools at all. To answer correctly, you need to understand how the service works. It doesn’t give you access to private pages, so users can protect their content from prying eyes if they want to. This way, you will only be viewing open accounts, so technically nothing is broken.

You don’t have to worry about violating the law and anyone’s rights. When someone opens their profile for public viewing, it allows other people anywhere in the world to see their content. So if you wish to keep your privacy, you can rest easy and use Toolzu when needed without downloading any suspicious software to your PC or smartphone. Just enjoy Stories and keep your privacy.

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